Mandala art

Original mandalas


Mandalas in this gallery are original acrylic paintings with crystals, inspired by nature, Buddhism art, dreams, visions, Tibetan Mandalas… Each Mandala can be used for decoration, healing or meditation. 



Green flower mandala


Bright mandala


Crystal mandala


Flower mandala


Exotic mandala


Fantasy mandala


First Chakra mandala


Forest mandala


Gemstone mandala


Glamour mandala


Green mandala


Kaleidoscope mandala


Lace mandala


Moon mandala


Multicolor mandala


Mystic mandala


Mystery mandala


Neptun mandala


Night mandala


Jellow mandala


Persian mandala


Blue mandala


Purple mandala


Red mandala


Dream mandala


Rose mandala


Second Chakra mandala


Spirit mandala


Sun mandala


Agate mandala


 Abstract mandala

Blue flower mandala